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The original mini launched in 1959 eventually stopped production in the year 2000 after 41 years and 5,387,862 cars had been made. The original compact revolutionary design by Sir Alex Issigonis far outlived its expected production life, and continues today to have a vast following around the world. There is no other car quite like a mini.

The mini went through many updates in its life, and our club celebrates the final revised design, otherwise known as the 'MPi' models (made from late 1996 until the end), and in particular, the final 'classic range' variants made in the year 2000.

The 2000 Mini Register is relatively new, launched in 2013. We also run the Cooper Sport 500 Register which has been in existence since 2003 and we have expanded to cater for the similar cars to the 500's, the late Cooper Sports, the final 2000 'Classic' Range and all enthusiasts of the 'MPi' (Multi-point Injection) Classic Mini range made by Rover, including the Japanese specification cars which were a mix of MPi and SPi (Single-point Injection) parts. We have also now by popular demand started a John Cooper S Works Conversion register for the extra special cars that were treated to the John Cooper Garages 90bhp upgrade conversion.

We now have over 30% of all the 5200 cars that make up the final classic range made in the register, and have some details of all the cars made from February 2000 until the end of production in October 2000. If you are a fan of the last of the line classic minis, we are the club for you!

We do not have a membership fee -we run on voluntary donations only. If you find this site and the Cooper Sport 500 register site useful and would like to donate something towards the running of the club, please see the donations page.

See the 'Join the club / Register your car' page on how to join us for free. We are a recognised car club with Adrian Flux insurance, Performance Direct and Lancaster Insurance, so join us to take advantage of up to 25% discount on a car insurance quote. See our 'club discounts' page for more details or click on the banner above.

We aim to cater to the needs of the following 2000 model year classic mini owners:-

Classic Mini Se7en, Cooper, Cooper Sport, Cooper Sport 500 & Knightsbridge

and also the following..................................

John Cooper S Works cars, Rover Press / Publicity Minis, Forever French edition, Swiss final edition and all other 2000 built minis. We have just taken over the Mini 40 Register as well so will be covering these 1999 produced cars as well. We also welcome other MPi mini owners too..

We have Registers for the Classic range variants listed above.

Exclusively for Cooper Sport 500 owners, there is an existing website, forum (coopersport500register.co.uk).

We have a Facebook Group for all final edition cars (search for 'Rover Mini Cooper Sport 500').

For Knightsbridge owners, there is also a Facebook group (search for 'mini knightsbridge forever')

There is also a Facebook group for the Se7en:- http://www.facebook.com/groups/minise7en/

NOTE:- We are not the same group as the "Mini Cooper Register" who cater for all types of Minis, new and old and all types of Mini Coopers, we only concentrate on the final 2000/1 model year cars. We happily co-exist as a seperate club, with a specific focus on a narrow range of the total minis built.

If you are looking for the Mini Cooper Register, please click on this link to take you there http://www.minicooper.org